Code Description Resistance to Tension. P.S.I. (kg/mm2) up: Typical Hardness. Brinell (B) or Rockwell C (RC) Electric Current Type. DP (Direct Pol.) IP (Inverse Pol.)
T1000 Superior electrode to cut and bevel.     AC-DC PD
T2000 Super-Versatile electrode for copper alloys. 65,000 (45.7) 126-140B AC-DC PI
T2400 Maintenance welding for bronze. Corrosion resistant.      
T3000 Super-crack-resistant alloy for all steels. 128,000 (90.6)
188,000 Trab.
T Ultra
Thermo-Treatable alloy for all steels. 160,000 (112.64) 375B AC-DC PI
High strength alloy for high resistance steels. 115,000 (81) 237B AC-DC PI
T3800 Electrode for mild steels. 84,000 (59) 178B AC-DC PD ó PI
T3910 Stainless steel alloy for pharmaceutical and food industry. 77,500 (45.57) 205B AC-DC PI
T3920 Corrosion resistant alloy for stainless steels. 86,000 (59) 175B AC-DC PI
T4000 Special alloy for crushing machines.   55R.C AC-DC PI
T4010 Universal hard facing electrode.   58-6.0RC AC-DC PI
T4020 (**) Impact resistant alloy for manganese steels. 120,000 (84)   AC-DC PI
T4030 (**) Hard facing electrode for high tightness abrasion.   Carburos AC-DC PI
Hard facing abrasion resistant electrode. Carburos AC-DC PI
Superior electrode for reconstruction and overlaying.   25-30RC AC-DC PI
Series 900
Universal electrode for tool steels. Manufactured according to your needs 57-59RC AC-DC PI
T4920 Injection molds repairing alloy for molds that need shiny finish.      
T4950 Super versatile alloy for steel molds H-13, H-11, P-20, etc. 36-38 RC
T5000 High resistance alloy for aluminum "Easy to use". 34,000 (23.7)   DC PI
T7000 High resistance machinable electrode for cast iron. Without fractures. 58,500 (41) 160B AC-DC PI
T7300 T7300 Superior alloy for burned or soiled cast iron. 62,000 (43.6) Not machinable AC-DC PI
T8000 T
Universal Electrode for nickel alloys. 150,000 (105.5) 210B AC-DC PI
T7M3 T7M3 Machinable Trimetallic III electrode for cast iron. 77,000 (54.1) 180B AC-DC PI