Trust 7M3

Trimetallic Electrode for Cast Iron

Trust 7M3is the only electrode on market with double flux of copper and a tri-metallic nucleus that consists on a copper, nickel and iron formulation, with a distributed graphite additive in a homogeneous way.

This eliminates completely rod and base-metal overheating. Its patented formula offers softness, ductility, and great tensile resistance. Contrary to other similar electrodes, Trust 7M3 applies easy and without welding or base-metal crack risks.

The high deposition index of this alloy makes a very close thermal affectation area and makes possible super-machinable surfaces in difficult to weld cast irons. Trust 7M3 provides dense welding porosity free, this due to the action of especially formulated coating to achieve magnificent results practically in any cast iron type. Very few electrodes for cast iron can be applied in all positions as Trust 7M3. © Trust

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