Trust 2000

Electrode to bronze quickly without pores

Ordinary bronze and copper electrodes are covered with cheap cellulose flux as iron electrodes. Trust 2000 flux is completely mineral with temperature and humidity resistant elements.

Likewise the presence of pores in welding with common brass electrodes is unavoidable, it doesn't happen with Trust 2000 deposits, because the purity of Trust 2000 alloy totally eliminates formation of undesirable pores.

The great versatility of Trust 2000 makes of this welding alloy a solution for maintenance. Ideal for repairs in: Brass, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, monel, galvanized iron, etc. You can use it as lining to repair worn-out parts in anti-friction surfaces, for strong unions of dissimilar metals, it is also useful when requires an anti-spark finish in places where fuels or inflammable liquids are managed.


Prepare the welding area eliminating all grease and oil contamination. Chamfer with Trust 1000 a bevel to prepare a weld fitting joint. Large copper sections require preheating to 420°C.

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