Trust 4030

Extreme Abrasion Resistant Hard Facing Electrode

The strength and cracks resistance combination are the result of a austenitic combination of chromium carbides and other materials. These extremely hard carbides provide most severe abrasion resistance found in the field.

Trust 4030 provides a metallurgical advantage over common hard facing electrodes and its that carbides are dispersed equally over deposit giving balance to the abrasion resistance avoiding generation of soft spots.

Special characteristics:

* High deposit speed.
* Applies without spatter.
* Hardness 60 RC.
* Flat finish avoids friction.


Plows, shovels, gravel mills, and to hard face areas exposed to severe abrasion.

Use Trust 4020 in heavy reconstructions as bottom and finish with Trust 4030 the last application.

Use AC or DC inverted polarity (electrode positive).

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