Trust 7300

Electrode to repair dirty or polluted cast iron

Trust 7300 is a steel alloy formulated for special situations of welding in dirty, burnt or polluted cast iron where a deep penetration is required.

In some occasions it is necessary to use of this alloy because the iron material is extremely polluted with oils, chemicals, or they have been exposed to constant heat. In these situations is required that the welding application penetrates through where it finds clean material that doesn't reject the welding.

Trust 7300 is not machinable, therefore when you require that the surface be finished to precise dimensions, it will be necessary that you do the last passings with Trust 7000 or Trust 7M3.

The special chemistry of Trust 7300 gathers carbon from iron due to its high penetration and causes certain hardness difficult to machinate. This electrode can also weld steel with cast iron with great tenacity.

To apply Trust 7300 it is recommended to clean the area to weld until where is possible, bevel or groove the crack with Trust 1000. Use AC or DC + following the beads technique or cord without oscillating the electrode. Make short cords 2" and separate among them to avoid heat accumulation in area. Always finish the cords returning the electrode a little to prevent the craters. This technique helps to eliminate cracks in great measure.s. © Trust

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