Trust 7000

Crack Free Cast Iron Alloy

Welding cast iron has been a problem per years. The main difficulty was to select the electrode type for the cast iron type to weld, taking into account that, there are hundred of cast iron classes. One of the big welding problems in cast iron is that practically there are not two same pieces and in some occasions one piece of cast iron can be different among one side and another.

Now, with Trust 7000 super machinable cast iron alloy that is applied without pre-heating in almost any cast iron kinds. Wherefore welding analysis and selection time decreases to nothing. When it is necessary to weld steel to cast iron, you can do the task immediately and in a fraction of the time that would take to make it with common electrodes.

How to apply:

Use AC or DC(+). Always Maintain short arc and avoid removing electrode suddenly after each pass. Try to make short and leapt beads avoiding overheat welding area, this will eliminate contractions and post welding fractures. © Trust

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