Trust 4500

Electrode for overlaying that hardens with flame

Trust 4500 is an electrode of machinable resistance to overlay worn-out parts and it will be subjected to waste. It has excellent physical characteristics.

Trust 4500, once applied, it's in the point of hardness where you can machinate with common tools without losing its great resistance to waste and will provide long durability to your pieces. This alloy allows big reconstructions besides absorbing heavy work loads without being broken. You can also use as bed or stratum before applying hard covers, thanks to its great compression resistance.

It hardens with flame:

Once applied and machined and in the event of requiring bigger hardness, it can become hard with flame, for extreme waste resistance.

The great versatility of Trust 4500 provide great deposition speed because can be applied passing over passing without removing the scum. It leaves a flat surface, porosity free, and the scum is removed easily.

Typical applications:

Tractor soles, clutch plates, concrete mixers, gear teeth, mining car wheels, and any application that requires the reconstruction with waste resistance.

To apply it uses AC or DC. When it will be machined, we recommend using single DC. To harden with flame, rectifies or mechanize to the wanted dimension.

Later, apply with a torch a neuter flame until reaching a red cherry color and cool spraying water. Repeat two or three times the same procedure. Even after it reaches its hardness and achieves an extreme waste resistance, it will maintain its tenacity and it won't be broken.

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