Trust 4400

Unbeatable abrasion resistance

Alloy formulated to support the most rigorous work conditions under extreme abrasion and other waste forms.

Trust 4400 has been enriched with niobium and chromium carbides to support and retain their hardness at high temperatures. Anything on market overcomes the versatility and resistance of this magnificent alloy. When a coating is subjected to temperatures over 500º C. this goes losing its hardness and it becomes an easily removable soft metal at work. Trust 4400 contains elements that retain in a high percentage their hardness at temperatures over the 860º C. offering a superior performance.


On its welded condition, their micro-structure consist on an austenitic matrix and a complex alloy with great chromium and carbides proportion.


Ideal to coat any steel or iron part subjected to severe abrasion. Examples: Plows for silica sand handling, as well as its inner conduits. Also to cover the rollers of stone or sand crushers in the cement industry.

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