Trust 1000

Electrode to groove and cut all metals

Trust 1000 is an electrode–tool to cut, bevel and roughdress all metals. Quickly replaces specialized tools that require additional equipment for their use.

With Trust 1000 all you need is your welding machine. When making contact with the working surface, Trust 1000 produces a propulsion action that removes undesirable metal without leaving any hard to remove residual.

Trust 1000 can be used to substitute the ordinary coal electrodes that require an air compressor to work, besides the welding machine, and they are much slower. With Trust 1000 you can make perfect bevels that are ready to be welded without any cleaning.

To apply Trust 1000 you can use AC or DC(+). Regulate the amperage according to the electrode diameter. Hold the electrode in a closed angle with reference to the working surface and push smoothly toward the front..

Diameter Amperage
3/32 150-250
1/8 250-350
5/32 275-400
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