Code Description Resistance to Tension. P.S.I. (kg/mm2) up: Typical Hardness. Brinell (B) or Rockwell C (RC) Base Metal union Temp. (°C)
T200 FC Multi-purpose bronze alloy with flux cover. 71,000 (49.9) 85-115B 760-871
T211 Tungsten carbide hard-facing to drill.   Carbides 704-871
T300 FC Super strong silver-nickel alloy for steels, with flux cover. 102,000 (71.8) 140-160B 870-895
T511 Low Temperature Alloy for dissimilar metals. 25,000 (17.6)   179
T555 Superior alloy for aluminum. 30,000 (21.1)   Below Fusion
T645 F Alloy silver universal Cadmium free silver      
T657 FC Silver alloy with flux cover. Nontoxic. For maintenance. 71,000 (49.9)   618-652
T880 C Silver-Bearing Non-Toxic, Solder for High Strength