Trust 300 FC

Super strong silver-nickel alloy for steels, with flux cover.

Trust 300FC Gives extraordinary strength-up to 105,000 p.s.i.

Flows freely as silver solders into even the tightest joints-at a fraction on the cost.
Highly versatile – great for use with variety of metals. Special features Trust 300 FC gives extraordinarily strong welds – up to 105,000 p.s.i. Outstanding properties

Trust 300 FC is the flux-coated alloy for steels that:
• Is flux-coated for greater ease and speed of application.
• Can be used for beveled joints, yet will also into deep cracks and square butt joints.
• Makes welds so smooth that very little fishing is needed.
• Provides high-density welds without porosity.

Use for:

Trust 300 FC is at its best on steel because of its high strength, but also bonds well to virtually all metals, including:

• Bronze
• Monel
• Tool steel
• Brass
• Nickel
• Cast iron
• Copper
• Galvanized iron

Use trust 300 fc in applications requiring a strong, long-lasting weld.

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