Trust 511

Low-Temp Soldering Alloy for Dissimilar Metals

Trust 511 is the "Common Denominator".

• Trust 511 is ideal for all white metals, including zinc, pewter and aluminum. • Trust 511 also joins a wide variety of dissimilar metals, including white metals to copper and brass.
• Trust 511’s extreme low-temperature application (179°C) provides outstanding versatility.

Trust 511 is the low-temp solder alloy for dissimilar metals that:
• Has low-heat application to prevent base metal damage.
• Enables joining of aluminum using soldering iron.
• Gives good corrosion resistance and tensile strength.
• Gives high wettability when used with Trust 511 Flux.


Trust 511 can be used to bond even:

• Aluminum to Titanium
• Aluminum to Copper
• Copper to Magnesium
• Heating Panels
• High-voltage Components
• Sound Equipment
• Spray Molds
• Trophies
• Capacitors
• Aluminum Roof Guttering.

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