Trust 211

© TrustTrustHigh alloy pure tungsten carbide.

Trust 211
• Has a very strong matrix.
• Have super hard, self sharpening tungsten carbide cutting edges that pierce rock, cement and refractory materials.
• Can easy be removing from one metal to another metal, make it very economical.

Special properties:

• Has hardness rockwell of 88 to 91 working.
• No recommending for places that strong impact.


• Universal alloy designee for hard facing in any type of metal. (no white metals).
• Manufacture with pure tungsten carbide alloys. Ideal for drilling perforation jobs, substitute of industrial diamante.
• Special design for application of drilling perforations, you can made easy tools such masonry drill, long pipes tool sand all-purpose type tools.
• Very economical for all types work in construction that you need to made any size tools for perforation in concrete or even hard rocks. Ideal for cement plans, cutting marble and any applications that required pure tungsten.

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