Trust 880 C

Silver-Bearing Non-Toxic, Solder for High Strength


• High Strength – Low Temperature
• Cadmium Free – FDA approved, Non-Toxic
• Excellent Color Match on Stainless Steel
• Keeps it High Lustre
• Flows thin and sets quickly
• Free of Zinc, Antimony and Lead
• Can be used with Torch, Iron, Furnace or Induction Heat Applications:
• Food utensils
• Instrument work
• Surgical apparatus
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
• Joins wide range of Ferrous/Non-Ferrous (except white) metals
• Dairy equipment and sanitary instruments


Clean work surface thoroughly. Remove dirt, rust, grease and scale. Apply heat indirectly from source: if oxy-acetylene torch – use soft lightly carburizing flame. Maintain even heating throughout work piece/joint area. The solder will flow out when working temperature is reached in the base metal – avoid overheating. Rinse Flux residue in warm water – available in resin or acid core.


• Tensile Strength up to 15,000 Psi
• Liquids 430°F (221°C)

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