Trust 657 FC

Super-Resistant Silver Alloy

© TrustTrust 657 FC is a highly silver alloyed welding for repairs in practically any metal, except aluminum and white metals.

Trust 657 FC is completely non-toxic since it doesn't contain cadmium, lead or antimony. It has oxidation resistant properties, particularly in salted water. Other cheap silver weldings definitively would not support those conditions. The high silver content of T657 FC makes it resistant to hard cleaning products. As its cadmium free, this welding can be used in repairs of stainless steel kitchen utensils that have contact with foods without the danger that represent weldings with these toxic metal contents.

Trust 657 FC applies easily. Area should be cleaned of any pollutant as oil or grease, because these avoid metal free flowing and don't allow a good welding joint. Avoid overheating welding area, using a soft neuter flame. A good technique to know when it reaches its application temperature is touching with the bar the base-metal, if the flux melts its moment to apply welding.

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