Code Description
Quantum 10 High resistance grease for corrosive atmospheres, specially design for chemical or marine plants.
Quantum 25 Universal multipurpose grease that will not melt. Super adhesive. With no drop- point at any temperature.
Quantum 36 Lubricant grease grade 00 for track roller, bushings, rollers, etc. Heavy-duty and tenacious lubricant that will not leave your equipment unprotected.
Quantum 38 Penetrating grease for chains and wire ropes. Will not require pre-heating before applying.
Quantum 44 Superior grease for extreme high temperatures. Without drop-point. Ideal for ovens in foundry and ceramic industry. Special for applications over 600°F (315°C)
Quantum 50 Grease for food handling machinery. Resists moisture, excellent fluency at low temperatures. Also resist water washout, cleaning solutions or steam.
Quantum 55 Multipurpose EP grease. Exceptional water resistance. A must-have in any maintenance shop. Drop-point 485°F (250°C)
Quantum 80 Special compound for open or exposed gears. A small layer provides long protection periods in all weather.
Quantum 88 Heavy-duty grease for mining industry or shocks and vibrations.
Quantum 99 Super shear stable grease, resistant to extreme speeds and high temperatures. Truly for fit for life applications
Quantum 100 Anti-seize compound that avoids corrosion, special for hostile temperature and corrosion atmospheres.
Quantum CVJ Grease for homokinetic joints, extra long duration. Superior to original factory greases.
Quantum Steel Mill Special grease designed for steel industry. Appropriate for applications in cold or hot mills.
Quantum M95