Quantum 100

Anti-Seize and Corrosion Resistant Lubricant

Quantum 100 is a special lubricant compound to either avoid oxidation and seizing stiffening of parts subjected to corrosive atmospheres by moisture, temperatures up to 1200 ÂșC. or due to contact with acids or alkaline materials.

Quantum 100 contains high percentage of micronized metals, copper among them, so its great temperature and corrosion resistance makes of this grease something singular. This metal contents, besides helping to prevent stiffening is also useful to refill previously worn-out or corroded parts.

The penetration power of Quantum 100 makes of this compound a unique lubricant that helps to eliminate corrosion in deep threads avoiding parts to stays fixed but easy for removing in the wanted moment.

Quantum 100 should be applied before assembling parts that you want to protect. Apply in threads, offspring, fasteners, and all equipment subjected to high temperatures, water, acids, etc.

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