Quantum 50

Grease for Food Industry Equipments.

Quantum 50® is an extra white grease that has been designed to be applied in practically any food or pharmacist industry equipment. Due to its high purity, it exceeds the strictest industry norms. Also, its additives and compounds will give to Quantum 50® protection against water or vapor wash. Its stay-put characteristics assure long lubrication intervals. Added with corrosion inhibitors and acids neutralizers which assure long life to your equipment as those found in lemon and tomato juice. All the ingredients of Quantum 50® gather the section 21 CFR178.3570 U.S. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. requirements.

Typical applications:

Breweries, bottlers, food packers o packings manufacturers, butcher shops, bakeries, and generally for any application where incidental contact with food or their packings may occur. Because of its purity, color and versatility can also be used in textile industry. Quantum

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