Quantum 25

Melt-Proof Grease.

Quantum 25® is a grease with no drop-point, with temperature resistance up of 260°C.!! Ordinary greases have a unstable drop-point because they are conform with "soap" type thickener which deteriorates rapidly under high heat conditions. Quantum 25® however, contains solid and highly micronized supplements that are impossible to melt providing a “transporter” for base oil. These assure that Quantum 25® remains stable at extreme temperatures. Ordinary greases cannot handle temperature changes and melt at temperatures smaller to 250°C. Quantum 25® is more than only a temperature resistant lubricant. It protects from oxidation that is given at elevated temperatures. Its base oil is from a high viscosity index which avoids that grease dries off when it is subjected to constant high temperature works and allows flowing at low temperatures.

Typical applications:

Conveyor chains of painting kiln where it is inadmissible that a grease drips, ventilators of foundry ovens or any high temperature application where grease should not drip. Quantum


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