Quantum 10

Anti-Corrosion Marina Grease

This exceptional high performance grease for its corrosion resistance characteristics, wide range of operation temperature, excellent mechanical stability, will give to your equipments subjected to corrosive atmospheres and oxidizers, the necessary protection to prevent flaws and losses by expensive maintenance shutdowns. Quantum10® will still lubricating after having been subjected to water cleaning, task that no ordinary grease could carry out. Ideal for marine equipment even submerged in salted water. It doesn't contains environmentally pollutant materials neither dangerous for health heavy metals such as; phosphorus, chlorine, zinc, antimony, barium, lead, cadmium, etc., therefore is ideal for potable water plants for industrial or domestic use.

Also, Quantum10® has an excellent load resistance. Its great versatility makes it an excellent grease for almost any industrial application.

Typical applications:

All bearings and marine equipment mechanisms; fresh or black waters dam floodgates, marine construction equipment in dry dikes, cranes and harbor transporters.

Ideal for fishing ships where grease is subjected to great demand to guarantee winch operation, ways, guides, etc., for fishing net equipment. Industrially, it can be used on bearings subjected to hostile atmospheres as in chemical plants, or corrosive materials processes.

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