Code Description
Quantum 903 Multifunctional additive for diesel fuel. Increases Cetane from 4 to 6 points. Eliminates excessive smoke, cleans injectors. Also neutralizes fuel acidity. Emulsifies and disperses water in fuel, among many other advantages.
Quantum 904 Concentrate for industrial oils. Contains anti-wear, anti-foam and anti-friction supplements.
Quantum 906 Lubricant for water circulation systems. Eliminates oxide and tartar formation in all systems.
Quantum 907 Super potent engine and compressor cleaner. Eliminates deposits and splotch residuals left by conventional oils.
Quantum 909 Oil additive for gasoline and diesel motors. Lengthens equipment life and reduces fuel consumption. Helps to keep engines clean.
Quantum 917 Seal Conditioner. Use in hydraulic and automatic transmissions systems.
Quantum 992 Special gasoline additive. Cleans and keeps injectors, pumps and fuel lines clean.