Quantum 904

Industrial Concentrate

Quantum 904 is an industrial concentrate designed to diminish equipment and/or mechanism maintenance, improving efficiency. Quantum 904 contains special compound where extreme pressure, anti-waste, and antioxidant additives are included.

When you add Quantum 904 in suitable proportion to oil of almost any industrial equipment, you note immediately a decrease of operation temperature due to friction reduction among mobile parts, obtaining with this considerable savings in replacements and energy. Common industrial oils are usually of low viscosity index.

Quantum 904 is an ameliorative of viscosity index, this means that the oil to which Quantum 904 is added, will have better performance in different operation temperatures. Without a doubt, the benefits of using Quantum 904 will have permanent savings.

Typical applications: Hydraulic systems, compressors, vacuum pumps, transmissions, etc. .

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