Quantum 903

Multi-functional Diesel Additive

Recommended treatment is 1 liter for each 3500 liters of fuel. At Quantum research area we have designed this product for commercial use with diesel oil fuel, or gasoil. All the included components are used at industrial level.

Quantum 903 doesn't contain alcohol, ether, ash makers, metallic agents, or harmful dispersants. Quantum 903 is chemical products combination for maintenance and total correction in large displacement and turbine applications.

Benefits include reducing mechanical problems, preservation and substantially improvement of fuel integrity.


* Eliminates organic formations, slime, and fuel contamination.
* Eliminates organic formations and bacteria.
* Improves Diesel stability inhibiting oxidation and aging.
* Quickly cleans nozzles and injectors and maintains them clean.
* Cleans tanks and motors and stops corrosion and rust.
* Improves kilometers/performance and reduces maintenance.
* Lubricates system for reformulated, low sulphur fuels.
* Eliminates problems produced by water

Quantum 903 was designed to give previous results obtained by tests and rehearsals in refineries industry; as all fuels may vary a little, we don't guarantee that all parameters comply with all fuels.

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