Trust Ultra 3000

Thermo-Treatable Alloy for Steels

Trust Industrial has developed this alloy like one magnificent tool that combines thermally reactive alloys and special elements never found in any welding alloy. The special chemistry of Trust 3000 Ultra will respond in a surprising way when being applied in most of tool steels and it will show excellent behavior when it's subjected to the regular temper treatments without losing its mechanical properties and without breaking. It provides dense deposits porosity free with high heat resistance.

Trust 3000 Ultra is useful for repairing fractures or to reconstruct dies, molds, and any alloyed steel that require or not thermal treatment. When its use without thermal treatment, low friction coefficient of Trust 3000 Ultra allows its use in shafts and parts subjected to friction wear-off. Trust 3000 Ultra is magnificent for high temperature uses up to 650ยบ C.

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