Trust 4900

Alloy to Repair Tempered Tool Steels

This is an all purpose welding for repairs in dies, molds, punches, etc., with wear-out resistance special characteristics, provides work surfaces as well as if it was the same original base-metal.

Trust 4900 features practically identical expansion and contraction coefficient as D2 steel. It can weld with success most of tool steels in temper state. Use it to reconstruct steels D2, S7, O1, H13, P20, etc. Ideal for cold and hot working conditions.

The easiness application of Trust 4900 makes of this alloy an universal tool for almost all repairs in dies, matrix, molds, punches, slitter knives, etc.

Trust 4900 provides Rockwell C hardness from 56 to 59 without any thermal treatment.

To apply, prepare surface eliminating all splintered or weary metal, preheat up to 250ÂșC specially in steels with 55 RC or higher hardness. Apply with the smallest amperage possible making a short arc avoiding overheating base-metal. Post treatment Its not necessary to reach its hardness. Trust 4900 provides 57 RC hardness on second passing. Just allow it to cool and grinding surface to wanted dimension, that's all.

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