Quantum 699

Super ATF Oil

Quantum 699® is an extra multi-functional premium oil for automatic transmissions developed to exceed Mercon® V, Mercon®, Dexron® III and Allison C-4 specifications. Its suitable for vehicles, heavy or light duty public transport, as well as heavy equipment for construction that demands this specification.

Excellent benefits:

• Superior anti-wear performance
• High temperatures resistance.
• Great oxidation resistance.
• Superior performance to low temperatures. Extra long intervals among changes.
• Few ATF products fulfills high norms settled down by Ford Mercon V. The few available Mercon V products, some don't fulfill Dexron III norm.

Pocos productos ATF cumplen con las altas normas establecidas por Ford Mercon V. De los pocos productos Mercon V disponibles en el mercado algunos no cumplen con la norma Dexron III.

Quantum 699® provides superior performance in all equipment that Mercon V, Mercon, Dexron III and Allison C-4 demands. Besides its compatibility with all fluids that gather norm individually.

Quantum 699 can also be used in off-road equipment, torque convertors, motovariators, air compressors, power bearings, and hydraulic units that specify an ATF oil.. Quantum

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