Quantum 690

Heavy-Duty EP Gear Oil.

Quantum 690 is an multi-purpose oil for extreme pressure applications designed to exceed requirements and demand of equipment subjected to extreme work loads. Formulated starting from 100% great purity paraffinic bases and fortified with most modern additives to provide excellent performance in all equipment that requires EP oils.

Its application is recommended in transport's manual transmissions, as well as differentials. All gear-boxes, either industrial or commercial that requires an oil that provides long life and unparalleled protection, definitively it demands Quantum 690.

Constituted with special supplements that give great water resistance, dispersing it quickly of the system. Its also unbeatable in high temperature works where thermodynamic polymers help to absorb temperature and do not modify its viscosity drastically.

It exceeds the following specifications:

• API GL-5, GL-4, MT-1
• AGMA 9005-D94
• Cincinati Milacron
• Mack GO-J, Go-H, GO-G
• Mil-L-2105
• US Steel 224


• Manual transmissions that requires API, GL-4, GL-5, or MT-1.
• Differentials and limited slip differentials.
• Industrial gear transmissions.
• It doesn't contain lead, chlorine or active sulphur noxious to health.

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