Quantum 613®

Superior Oil for Air Compressors

Using conventional or inadequate oils for compressors lubrication results in one dangerous and also expensive practice. Common oils generate great carbon deposits quantity when they are used in air compressors due to extreme operation temperatures. The mixture results of temperature, oxygen, and carbon and will be a hazard for people that is near to equipment. Unhappily this situation is usually disregarded until when is too late. .

On the other hand, these deposits prevent that the suction and discharge valves work appropriately causing big energy losses, and originates high operation costs.

Quantum 613 is a revolutionary oil, with high purity that totally eliminates carbon deposits formation in compressors. This besides reliable is extremely economic because when you eliminate these deposits, equipment works much more efficiently and for long intervals.

Quantum 613 definitively helps to increase and maintain power level of pistons and screw compressors. The great versatility of this oil also allows its use in all type of vacuum pumps, gear compressors, dry or fluded screw compressors, rotary compressors, etc.

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