Quantum 612

Quantum 612 is a high performance industrial paraffinic oil for maintenance. High viscosity index and super-stability, provides great equipment protection. Nowadays modern machinery demands more quality oils than traditional low performance naphthenic oils, because the maintenance times decreases due to production programs where the equipment should work at 100%.

Ordinary oils tend to aerate and this causes oxygen entrance to oil. If to this we add high operation temperatures, it gives us as a result high oil and mechanisms oxidation.

Any flaw due to damages in seals, hydraulic pumps, hoses, etc. could cause high operation costs. Quantum 612 has been developed to protect at maximum your equipment without the risks of low quality oils.

Manufactured with the best paraffinic bases, Quantum 612 separates water rapidly avoiding corrosion. Its long life and high viscosity index will also give stable performance for long lubrication intervals.

Quantum 612 can be for the following applications:

• Hydraulic Equipment
• Bearings
• Rotary Compressors
• Gear Transmissions
• Chain Systems
• Vacuum Pumps

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