Quantum 608

Quantum 608 is a lubricant designed for a wide variety of applications. Made from high quality paraffinic bases and with extreme pressure supplements that gives protection to your equipments and lengthen useful life of them. When conventional oils are subjected to humid atmospheres, they absorb moisture and decompose the oil and lead to corrosion.

The great adherence of Quantum 608 makes an ideal product for industrial applications where water presence is a problem. Quantum 608 can be used in power saws, motorcycles, and all type of industrial chains where oil lubrication is indicated. It is also suitable for way, bedplates, guides, etc.

Quantum 608 will stay where applied, avoids high oil consumption. Maintenance time decreases thanks to that you don't have to lubricate again with so much frequency as with conventional oils, obtaining considerable savings. Quantum

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