Quantum 585

Synthetic food-grade chain & gear oil.

• All-synthetic formulation for meeting or even exceeding the stringent requirements of the food & beverage industry.
• Extended operating temperature range for superior & tenacious lubricity from -30ºC to 245ºC.
• Excellent protection against oxidation, rust & wear.
• Available with ISO VG 220 & ISO VG 460 – a wider range of applications for maintenance professionals’ selection.


Quantum 585 Synthetic Food-Grade Chain & Gear Oil is super formulation lubricant scientifically developed for food, beverage and canning applications.
• Quantum 585 features an all-synthetic formulation for a super-extended operating temperature range - -30ºC to 240ºC (-22ºF to 460ºF) .
• Quantum 585 stands un to the full range of food industry conditions from hot steam & cold refrigeration.
Quantum 585 has a high-performance blend of additives that give extended lubrication intervals.


Quantum 585 is the synthetic food-grade chain and gear oil that:
• Is not undermined by contact with food-processing, canning or beverage-filling by-products such as citric and acetic acids, animal fats or blood products.
• Has minimal fling-of – stays tenaciously in place.
• Provides superior resistance to oxidation.
• Meets and exceeds USDA H-1 requirements. Use Quantum 585 for: • Food Processing Equipment
• High-Heat Bottling Equipment
• Chillers
• Blowers
• Cold Room Guides
• Blast Freezing Equipment
• Ice-Making Equipment

Quantum 585 can also be used for: * Chains to Guides * Conveyors to Rollers * Motors to Hoists. * And Virtually all types of gear drives found in food, beverage and canning operations under various operating conditions.

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