Quantum 909

Super Motor Oil Improver

Today's modern engines demand and oil that protect your engine from high temperatures caused by high RPM.

Common automotive oils contain the minimum of antioxidant additives, detergents, and viscosity index improvers, only have the necessary to fulfill the norm and stay "competitive".

Quantum 909 contains an additives package that, besides maintaining engine clean, eliminates rubbers, varnishes and slime formation, and improves viscosity index. This means that oil can works efficiently in a wider temperature range, giving higher protection in cold starts.

Also contains supplements that provide more lubricity and help to maintain a humid film when engines goes off, which helps to lubricate from first revolution until its on again.

Quantum 909 can be used in diesel and gasoline engines, multigrade or monograde. Only apply 5% of the total volume and you will notice a change immediately.

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